Friday, October 4, 2013

Bento Bread Scraps French Toast Muffins Lunches

dairy and egg-free crusts-and-heels bread scrap French Toast Casserole Muffins
Monday, 8/5/13 - Little Z had VBS camp in the morning, then Little Gym camp in the afternoon, so I packed lunches to eat in the car in between. I decided to try her out on the new Innobaby DinDin tray that I got for my birthday from my friend Keeley. It made a nice lap tray for the car, and while the lid isn't water-tight, it was just fine here.

While she was at camp, E and I made French Toast Casserole Muffins, to use up some bread scraps that were getting a little old...

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Lunch On-the-Go for Big Sis
Organic green beans, carrots, Ranch, champagne grapes, raspberries, blueberries, cherries;
gummy vitamins (daily, calcium, and digestive enzyme,) GF French Toast Muffin
I just love that fruit medley in a round compartment. So pretty!

Since I was giving her extra veggies, I added some organic Ranch dressing for dipping. She's more likely to eat her green beans if she has a dip!

Lunch for Little Sis
Organic champagne grapes, raspberries, blueberries, golden plum; GF French Toast Muffin,
organic salad w/dressing and seeds; organic tomatoes, snap peas, carrots
E is still willing to eat more different foods than Z, so I'm taking advantage of that as long as I can! I gave her a mini version of my salad that day, along with some tomatoes (her favorite!) She got a slice of my plum instead of cherries like Big Sis because she likes to eat the cherry pits and stems, and spit out the flesh. No thanks! 
But otherwise, I tried to make her lunch as similar to Z's as possible. She feels slighted if Big Sis gets something she doesn't. 

Since I tend to accumulate a vast quantity of bento bread scraps (and heels, thanks to gluten-free bread loaves only having, like, 5 slices of bread each!) I make Bread Scrap French Toast Casserole in one form or another fairly regularly! Once I actually get off my butt, it's pretty quick and easy. I've been dragging my heels [pun intended] on it lately, since I hate making flax eggs. It's just so many steps... (take flax out of fridge, measure, add water, put flax back in fridge, wait. See?) But since we're trying to eat fewer animal-based products to stay healthy, I like to save my once-in-a-while egg intake for something special that has no substitute - eggs over easy, with toast dipping fingers! Omnomnom!

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  1. This is my kind of lunch! Love all the colors, and those muffins look so delicious!

  2. They both look so tasty!!!
    The tray is really cool too :)


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