Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Love You So Much It's Spooky!

"Love You So Much It's Spooky" ghost lunch - Biting the Hand That Feeds You
Thursday, 10/3/13 - Now that I had my Halloween themed tub out for the season, I decided on a ghostly lunch for my favorite Kindergartener! She and Hubby had just read an Ivy and Bean book with a ghost in the bathroom at school, and she decided she was suddenly afraid to go to the bathroom by herself at home. In case there were ghosts. So I thought making ghosts fun might help alleviate her (pretend) anxieties.

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GF PBJ, "Skeleton Bones" crunchies, organic home-made pickles, organic strawberries
For a while there I was getting several cucumbers a week in our farm share. And we could only eat so many salted cucumber slices before getting tired of them. I don't have the patience or dedication to do "real" canning, with the boiling and the tongs and all that. So I just made some "fridge pickles" - the shelf-life isn't as long, but they were dead easy. [You see what I did there? Dead. Easy!]
Because they don't have the bright hue from artificial Blue and Yellow like regular store-bought pickles, they look a lot like zombie flesh. So I like to include them in undead lunches! I stuck in a ghost cupcake pick to stick with the theme [get it? Stick!] plus since I only get to use my Halloween stuff once a year, might as well go for broke! (I got this one at Dollar Tree, in a set with the paper cupcake liners.)

Eternal Love: For her sandwich I used a ghost cookie cutter on the bread, and glued on some dried currants for the face. This time I actually remembered to include a heart in the lunch, so stuck a heart pick in his "hand."

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