Thursday, October 24, 2013

Jolly Jack-o-lantern Lunches!

Jack-o-lanterns are an easy way to make festive Halloween lunches! All you need is a pumpkin cookie cutter and the willingness to hand-cut face bits out! Or a bunch of mini shape cutters... or both!

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Monday, 10/14/13 -                               Lunch for my Big Pumpkin
Organic carrots and apples, GF PB Crave Cookie Nookie sandwich, GF pretzels
I know this doesn't look like a lot for a kid going to elementary school, but she's a small 5. And they only get around 20-minutes to eat lunch, which is practically a hardship for Little Z! Haha!  So most days I'm packing less food and then we have a healthy snack after school, or an early dinner.

I remembered to include a heart this time, so tried to make up for all the ones I missed! I made a heart carrot with a heart pick to hold it together. And instead of a "scary" jack-o-lantern face, I used a tiny heart cutter to make the eyes. (I hand-cut the nose and mouth with a steak knife.)

Lunch for my Little Pumpkin
GF PB Crave Cookie Nookie sandwich, GF pretzels, Organic carrots, apples, and tomatoes
E's lunch is pretty much just like Big Sister's - because I had enough clean ones, she also got some food in black and orange pumpkin muffin cups. Otherwise she gets the short end of the stick, gear-wise! I even trusted her with a sharp jack-o-lantern food pick.

She got roughly the same amount of food as Z because she gets to snack on it throughout the day. And she doesn't eat all the parts of each item. She usually only chews enough of the tomatoes to suck out the guts. Sometimes she'll eat half or more of one, but not often. (The discards get tossed into Mama's salad!) And she often eats around the apple peels. Plus she rarely eats her bread. She does sometimes, so I keep offering.

Her sandwich face was cut using a 2-sided cutter I got in a pumpkin sandwich cookie mix kit at Target a few years ago. It broke my gluten-free bread apart. Blarg.

Tuesday, 10/15/13 -                                Little Pumpkin Redux
Organic carrots, apples, and tomatoes; GF PB Crave Cookie Nookie sandwich
Big Sis hadn't eaten much of her lunch the day before - pretty much just the pretzels and the stem of the sandwich pumpkin! So I added some baby tomatoes and rolled the leftovers into a lunch for E the next day!

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  1. My mom always made cookies when I was little! This is a great reminder to make some with my own kiddos now! Super fun mummies!
    School cookie cutter


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