Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Musical Leftovers for a Picnic in the Park!

Some simple leftovers for a park picnic!
Wednesday, 7/24/13 - Starting mid-summer, several nearby city parks departments hosted concerts in the park with kiddie bands and attractions. Just for fun, for one of the concerts we were headed to, I packed the girls some leftovers with a simple musical theme... So naturally we didn't get out of the house in time, and ended up arriving at the park halfway through the concert. And E was asleep in her car seat. By the time I woke her and dragged them both all the way across the parking lot to the other end of the park, where the concert was, we'd maybe get to see the last 15 minutes...

So instead, I turned around and we went to a different park, which I knew wouldn't be crowded but would have some fun activities and toys provided by our parks department. So we still got our picnic in the park. We just took the long way 'round to get there...

Z Sharp
Leftover potato and sweet potato tots, organic Ranch and ketchup, leftover mac-n-cheese,
leftover GF Pizza Dippers; organic beans, sugar snap peas, cherries, and raspberries
Lots of leftovers for Z; a little bit of all of her favorites! We all love the "Mexi-fries" from Taco Time, and they're gluten-free, as long as crumbs from breaded items fried in the same oil don't float their way over onto our food. It's kind of hit-or-miss on that. But some days I'm just worn out enough to be willing to risk it!

I think the gluten-free pizza was from Domino's. Another of our very few lazy-day dinner options! Clearly I was running on empty that week! I cut them into smaller strips so she could dip them in the organic Ranch dressing.

And Annie's Homegrown gluten-free shells and cheese. Another Mama cop-out! Woo! 0 for 3 on the "real" dinner front for Mama! At least they were all from different days... Presumably I made a side of veggies each night too, yeah...?

E Sharp
Leftover mac-n-cheese and GF pizza; organic heirloom baby tomatoes,
green beans, zucchini, kohlrabi, raspberries, and grapes
More leftovers for E. No tater tots for her, since she wasted them the previous time I'd packed some for her. But I decided to try her out on some zucchini and kohlrabi wedges. And raw green beans. She wasn't ready for the green beans yet. Still too tough and chewy for her.

These music note picks were the perfect way to make these "plain old lunches" fun!

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E was thrilled to have a pick just like Big Sis. She carefully picked up each piece of food, placed it onto the pick, then ate it. Hilarious!
...until she lost my green music note pick. *sadness* My first bento MIA. Still. It was worth it for that smile!

Mousy Mama
Dairy-free garlic dip; organic carrots, zucchini, and kohlrabi; organic salad (butter lettuce,
kale, beets, carrots, sunflower and chia seeds, hemp hearts, raisins, and raspberry vinaigrette)
I used my flower veggie cutters on some carrot and beet coins for fun, and a fancy mouse veggie cutter on a carrot slab.

The garlic dip was left over from 4th of July. I made some crackers and tortilla chips, and we brought dip for them. We discovered this dip at a fair or trade show or something, at a booth that sold their own special dry dip mixes. This stuff was goooooooood! You just add your choice of mayo, sour cream, yogurt, cream cheese, or a combination. I picked up some dairy-free sour cream and egg-free mayo, and we were good to go! We always buy a packet or two whenever we see their booth somewhere, since it's my go-to for when we host a party or to bring to potlucks - it's just that good!

Tools of the Trade

My big girl has been terrified of the poles at playgrounds forever. She's fearless when it comes to running around on the top level of a play structure, way above Mama's head, or trying to climb ladders and such in various configurations. But reaching out for that pole was always a no-go. She would usually have me hold her up then sliiiiide her down the pole. Until I'd get bored of that and cut her off. 

This park visit was the first time she was willing to try it on her own, after asking me to come "spot her" a few times first. I gotta say, I was busting with pride. And tears. My little girl is growing up! *sniffle*
She was also proud of her new skill, and showed it off roughly a bazillion times.

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