Monday, October 21, 2013

MOMables Monday: Chicken Nuggets and LEFTOVER Chicken Nuggets!

Here are some more lunches left over from Summer. They're from different days, but I thought they went well together, seeing as they're both all nugget-y!

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Homemade Chicken Nuggets Leftovers for My Oldest
Organic apples, raspberries, sugar snap peas; organic Ranch and ketchup,
homemade GF turkey nuggets, leftover potato and sweet potato tots
Saturday, 7/27/13 - Since I had made some MOMables Homemade Chicken Nuggets (made with turkey, and gluten-free) for my BBQ Chicken Shake-Ups post, I had plenty left over. Add some fruits and veggies, and some leftover tater tots and dip, and we have a winning lunch combination! We were headed to Nana's for the day, so needed a lunch to eat on the way, and some "safe" foods to snack on while there, to supplement the supply of dye-free gluten-free treats Nana keeps on-hand. [Seriously, I have the best mother-in-law ever! Well. Except my husband. His MIL is pretty awesome too...]

Z likes to dip her nuggets in Ranch, thanks to all the other dips at McDs being too spicy. But fries and tots go in ketchup. So she had to have both! Rather than put a little bit of each in two smaller containers, I just let them share a Mini Dipper. She gets them all mixed up eventually anyway.

The cute stainless steel bunny fork was an Asian market find from a bento buddy!

Leftover Nugget Skewer Dippers for the Toddler
Leftover GF nuggets w/Swiss, organic ketchup w/Country Bob's Sauce, 1/2 GF Rhubarb Crunch Muffin,
organic salad (lettuce, raddiccio, micro greens, hemp hearts, dressing;) organic peas, blackberries, strawberries
Thursday, 5/23/13 - An oldie but goodie! MOMables leftover chicken skewers are a favorite of mine, on the rare occasion we have any chicken or nuggets left over. We're mostly vegetarian anymore. I had packed something else for Z to eat between AM and PM preschool classes, so I tried Little E out on one of her sister's favorites.
I can't remember what brand of nugget these are. Probably Applegate. For dipping she has ketchup with a sploot of Country Bob's All Purpose Sauce. It's too spicy for Z and me, but Baby likes spicy stuff. She also likes eating my salads. Mostly to lick off the dressing and seeds, but she gets quite a lot of the greens and chopped roots too. So I like to change it up and let her have her own once in a while. She doesn't eat as much of it versus when she has mine, but then we can always trade later!

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