Tuesday, October 29, 2013

It's A Wrap! Easy Halloween Mummy Quesadillas

Easy Halloween Mummy Quesadillas!
The pumpkin patch I went to with Z's Kindergarten class had an extensive gift shop - we were able to find several dye-free candies and treats there. My most exciting find were the all-natural Halloween chocolates! I couldn't resist - I bought one of each shape they had! 

Kiwa mixed vegetable chips, dye-free mummy chocolate, organic apples w/raisins,
organic rainbow carrots, GF tortilla w/green olives and organic white cheddar 
Friday, 10/18/13 - Because that little treat compartment would be perfect for the mummy truffle, I knew I wanted to use our Planetbox. (Even though the chocolate was a wee bit taller than the compartment. And wouldn't you know it, I stupidly tested the lid before taking photos, so the nose got mashed. Doh!

Apple of My Eyes: But using the Planetbox turned out even better than I'd planned, since the apple eyes were a last-minute inspiration due to the shape of the compartment! Because the compartment is long and skinny, the apples only fit sideways, and I noticed they looked kind of like eyes and brows laying in there. Genius!
(I didn't bother using anything to "glue" the raisin pupils down. The box lid kind of pinched them into place for me. But a dab of nut butter (or non-nut butter) would do the trick!)

Yummy Mummies: The mummy quesadillas were beyond easy! I just used a circle cutter on a gluten-free tortilla, sprinkled cheese (Trader Joe's non-dairy shreds) on half of them, then used a knife to cut the remaining circles into uneven strips. I pulled one strip out of each, to make room for the olive slice eyes and laid them out on the cheesy circles leaving a bit of space between so the "bandages" were more obvious. Then I broiled them for a few minutes until toasty and melty.

Tools of the Trade
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