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I am an American-style bento maker, blogger, Instagram addict (okay, okay, and Facebook,), bento-tool hoarder, inept cook, amateur photographer and comedienne, freelance writer, wife, and mama! 

We have a diet free from artificial food additives, and we're gluten-free, mostly vegetarian, and avoid cow dairy. 
If you have a food product or foodie subscription service that you would like to promote to readers looking to avoid artificial ingredients and/or gluten or other allergens, we love working with brands! Lunch boxes and lunch packing tools are a good fit too (obviously!) You can check out my product reviews here, and sponsored (paid) posts and shameless self-promotions here.

Email me at ludicrousmama@gmail.com if interested.
Welcome to the insanity! Join me and my two little eaters... I mean "daughters" as I chronicle our "beautiful lunches" (bento and other fun meals,) eliminate artificial food additives from our diet, eat gluten-free and mostly dairy-free to avoid digestive issues, learn to cook ineptly, and share other random stuff that we do. 

Despite my complete lack of cooking skills and innate laziness and impatience,
I've decided to try and cook (from actual recipes!!) and make healthier meals for us.
Since I don't really know what I'm doing and I suck at following directions
(and rarely have all the ingredients on-hand anyways,) I usually just end up faking it. And often failing.
Hey, if you can't laugh at yourself, might as well write it up so others can laugh at you instead!

Kendra Peterson, aka: Ludicrous Mama
I am a thirty-*cough cough*-something stay-at-home mom to a 2nd-Grader and a Preschooler! I like to read, watch TV, blog, and sit on my ass Facebook. I started packing in re-usable containers because I was too cheap and lazy to keep buying disposable baggies hate all that waste! And I began making food look cuter as an excuse to blog, but then I noticed how it affected my (then) toddler's eating habits and choices. Plus it gives me a creative outlet after my drawing, miniatures painting, and scrapbooking fell by the wayside since becoming a parent.
I also try and enrich their life outside of preschool by napping while they watch Netflix doing mini-lessons and activities at home and other fun places.

My Husband (aka: Hubby, Daddy, Dadda) is a game designer and crazy good at problem solving. Not so good at putting the milk back in the fridge, or remembering where he last put my nail clippers though. But he's a good cook, and can carry the Oompa-Loompas longer than I can, so I guess he's a keeper. He is also exceptionally good at putting up with my innate laziness, slovenliness, and general expect-him-to-magically-do-everything-ness. Oh, and he takes out the garbage too! {heart}

The Podlings:
Daughter #1 (AKA: Z, Little Z, The Princess, Big Sis) is now seven years old, precocious and too smart for my own good. She also has a highly sensitive personality, which results in a lot of extra hand-holding on my part. But I believe in working with the child you have, rather than trying to fit them into a mold of your expectations, and we're making great strides, socially.
She's a very good eater, and with a mixture of my creative feeding tricks and her adventurous nature, she makes a lot of healthy choices and tries some crazy gross things creative food choices that I won't even touch.

Daughter #2 (AKA: Baby, E, Little Sis) now 3, is another "eater," despite her inability to actually grow any bigger over time. She is also a fairly adventurous eater, and now I have someone to feed all my bento scraps to! And someone who (so far!) likes my random mishmash cooking!

You are welcome to use my any of my food/object photos, provided you give credit and link back to my original post in yours, and leave me a comment, so I can come check it out! You may not use any photos depicting a child without express written permission from me.

You may not use any photos credited to a photographer other than myself (or my husband.)

If you wish to excerpt or reproduce my text, you may do so only if credited and linked back to me, with clear indications of which prose is mine. Also leave a comment, so I can come see.
Feel free to ask first as well, but as long as you don't abuse and violate my intellectual property, I'm cool with being notified after-the-fact. However, if I request that you remove my pictures/text for any reason, I expect that request to be honored.

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