Thursday, October 17, 2013

Quick and Easy "Tort-izzas!"

Saturday, 7/27/13 - We must have been heading up to Nana's, since normally I don't need to pack lunches on the weekends. Both girls got leftovers, but E's was way more interesting - a mini tortilla pizza!

In an effort to use up some mini corn tortillas I'd gotten for a MOMables post I was writing (they came in packages of, like, 500!) and tired of making quesadillas, I hit upon trying pizza quesadillas. Open-face. They were a hit! I had made two for each girl one day for lunch, but E only ate one. So I saved her other one for another time.

GF corn tortilla, dairy-free cheese, olive "pizza;" organic sugar snap peas, apples, and raspberries

Small gluten-free corn or flour tortilla (or cut larger ones into smaller shapes with kitchen shears or cookie cutters!)
Pizza or spaghetti sauce
Cheese (I used Daiya non-dairy mozzarella-style shreds. Sparingly! A little goes a long way!)
Toppings (my girls only like olives)

Turn oven to Broil
Place tortillas on a baking sheet and put into oven on MIDDLE RACK for 2-3 minutes. (Skip this step if you prefer floppier crusts.)
Remove tortillas from oven, flip over, then add sauce, cheese, and toppings. Put back into oven (middle rack) for 3-5 minutes.

Tools of the Trade
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