Sunday, October 6, 2013

Healthy and Fun Summer Camp Snacks!

Organic cherries, seaweed snack
Tuesday, 8/13/13 - Z must have had Little Gym camp, even though I hadn't written it down on my calendar. Oh well.

Naturebox Mandarin Garlic Peas, organic champagne grapes and apple slices
Thursday, 8/15/13 - I was excited that my new Fred and Friends Store-Ms matryoshka snack box had arrived from Amazon so I had to give them a whirl!

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Naturebox Mandarin Garlic Peas with heirloom mini popcorn, organic strawberries
Monday, 8/19/13 - I'd found some mini heirloom popcorn at Home Goods, and the girls loved it! Here I mixed some with another favorite - Naturebox Mandarin Garlic Peas (dairy-free, gluten-free, and all of their products are dye-free!)

Organic sugar snap peas and champagne grapes, Peeled Snacks Apple Berry Crunch
Friday, 8/23/13 - Simple snack.

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