Friday, October 25, 2013

Along Came A Spider - Chocolate Syrup Spiderwebs

Painted spiderwebs using chocolate syrup instead of artificial food dyes!
Thursday, 10/10/13 - I improvised as I went along with these quick and simple lunches, and am pleased with how they turned out!

Great Big Giant Spider (Big Sister's Lunch)
Surf Sweets spider gummy, GF PBJ, organic string cheese nibblets, organic edamame and strawberries 
I used a spider web/sunburst cookie cutter and then used the blunt edge of a butter knife to stamp and apply chocolate syrup in a spiderweb pattern. Easier and less time-consuming that you'd think!

For the "eyes" on the cheese spider, I just bloobed some syrup on directly. One eye got all runny and messed up, but I Photoshopped it for you. Boo-yaw!

Itsy Bitsy Spider (Little Sister's Lunch)
GF PBJ, Naturebox Sunny Trails mix, organic edamame, carrots, pomegranate arils, and strawberries
I hadn't planned on doing anything fancy for E, but since I already had everything out, I banged out a quick spider and web on her sandwich fingers. Ta-da!

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