Sunday, October 20, 2013

Summer and School Snacks! Dye/Gluten/Nut-Free

Had a few lonely straggler snacks, so I grouped them with a week's worth of Kindergarten snacks!

Monday, 8/26/13
Organic apples, Naturebox Mandarin Garlic Peas, leftover GF mac n cheese
One last Summer camp snack for her last Little Gym camp! Even though Little Gym isn't a nut-free facility like our preschools are, I packed nut-free just to be safe. With different kids coming any given day, and last-minute additions even if I had asked ahead, I didn't want to risk it.

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Thursday, 9/5/13
Sunbutter, GF pretzels, organic purple and green beans
Kindergarten had started the week before at the public school, but the private one we also send her to didn't start until the Wednesday after Labor Day. You will notice that there is no snack shown for Wednesday. Um. Yeah. I didn't even have time to take a photo that morning! I am not a person meant to be up and arriving anywhere by 8:30am!
I found these FUEL brand Snack N Dip containers online, and they're perfect for DIY Handi-Snax! So excited for these, since we weren't able to eat the fake orange "cheese" before, and they all have gluten anyway. I was too lazy to find the gluten-free pretzel sticks to dip in the (nut-free) Sunbutter, so I just used some GF Gratify pretzel knots. I used a silicone bear baran to separate them from some green and purple beans from our farm share.

Monday, 9/9/13
Naturebox sweetened sunflower seeds, pumpkin seeds, organic apples
This was the start of her third week of school, but only the first full week of the private school where she needs a snack. (Long story, but basically she does Kindy in the AM at the preschool she went to the past 2 years, then the public school for lunch and the rest of the afternoon. Yes, it's a big pain in the heinie for me to be driving her around all day, but we felt it would be the best option for her.)

Tuesday, 9/10/13
Organic grapes, GF Van's "Say Cheese" crackers

Wednesday, 9/11/13
GF Ener-G garlic pretzels, organic apples

Thursday, 9/12/13
Heirloom mini popcorn, Enjoy Life S'mores bar, organic apples
I love matryoshka dolls, so when I saw these nesting snack boxes from Fred and Friends, I had to have them! The larger two are a bit big for snacks, so I was really stretching it here. To help fill space, she got some popcorn to go along with her Enjoy Life Decadence dessert bar. Whole grains, baby!

Friday, 9/13/13
Cosmos Creations Sea Salt and Butter corn puffs, organic carrots
I love these Cosmos Creations puffs. Love love love! LOVE! I'm not even sure why she has any. I usually hog both bags a whole bag to myself! They have some other yummy-looking flavors, but they have dairy in them. Despite the buttery name, these seem to be dairy-free, so Mama can eat them! Omnomnom!

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