Monday, October 7, 2013

MOMables Monday - DIY Starbucks Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box

I recently did a Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box post for the MOMables blog. I'm not really clear on the plan behind a lot of their packed boxes, like how it's intended to be eaten. Dip the pitas? Then just eat the chicken plain? Dip the veggies and kind of fold the pitas around the chicken?
So I used pita pockets instead of regular pita bread, to open up the options. But I also did a little more behind the scenes...

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Copycat Chicken and Hummus Bistro Box
Mini pita pocket, hummus, organic cucumber and cherry tomatoes, grilled chicken strips

Here is the copycat version, which is more snack-sized than meal-sized... Makes paying $5 each a little more painful, doesn't it, when it's not as filling as a whole meal! I made mine a little more colorful, with orange heirloom cherry tomatoes along with the red ones.

Chicken and Hummus - Make it a Meal!
Mini pita pockets, hummus, organic cucumber and cherry tomatoes, organic blue- and blackberries, grilled chicken strips
To show how to meal-it-up, I made a larger version, which didn't end up getting used in the MOMables post. I packed it with an extra pita pocket, some more veggies and chicken, and some berries. And more hummus (Sabra brand.)

Buuuuut, since I don't eat meat and the girls and I can't have the wheat (gluten) pita pockets (and we don't particularly like hummus)...

Disposable Bistro Box on a Plane!
Organic blueberries, cucumber, and cherry tomatoes; grilled chicken strips, mini pita pockets, hummus
... feed it to Dadda! I re-packed it into a disposable version for Hubby to take on a business trip. He didn't want to have to worry about not losing my EasyLunchbox and accessories! Smart man!

I put the Bistro Box foods into a repurposed plastic strawberry clamshell, and used parchment paper to separate everything. I made an upper layer with more paper, for the pitas and hummus (in the washed and re-used disposable container the hummus comes in at Starbucks! Ha!) and a little plastic tasting spoonlet saved and washed from some ice cream sampling or something. In case he wanted to spread the hummus inside the pitas, with the chicken.
Since he loves blueberries, and at the time I had a huge backlog of them from an abundance in our weekly farm share, I sent all the oldest ones off with him, in a re-used cherry tomato or older blueberry clamshell, to nom on the plane or while waiting in layover.

So naturally he slept in the morning he was leaving, and didn't even have time to shower or grab his lunch before racing off to arrive for his flight just as the last passengers were boarding! The stinker!... I mean "Phew!"

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  1. Our Starbucks doesn't have the bistro boxes, but your version looks amazing! Yum!

  2. I've been making these types of things for my husband for a while. I love your versions too. I just found (looks like for a month only) that Tupperware just came out with the perfect container called a "Lunch It" - set of two for $10 that work PERFECT. I'm so excited. Here's the link if you wanna check it out.


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