Thursday, October 3, 2013

Packed Lunches for the Whole Family for an Allergy-Free Vacation! (Great Wolf Lodge Vacation - Part 3)

I already shared the lunches packed for the drive down, and how I planned our meals ahead and brought all the supplies I'd need. Our EasyLunchboxes made it all sooooo much easier! Because they stack so well, I was able to pack them without taking up a ton of room in our stuff - plus extras, in case I hadn't washed the used ones up yet. I also used them to bring some of the food in, rather than drag around extra containers.

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And since I had planned this last meal to not need ice packs (since we were losing access to the fridge soon after I packed them,) I was able to jam all four into an EasyLunchboxes insulated bag. [If you need to fit four in a bag and want some cooling too, try some reusable ice cubes packed inside with the food!]

Lunch for the Pups
They both got a packet of Peanut Butter and Co PB, GF Crunchmaster crackers, Wholly Guacamole,
plus organic broccoli and sugar snap peas. Z also got some  root chips and organic baby carrots,
while E got leftover steamed carrots and some organic cherry tomatoes (Z hates tomatoes.) 
Peanut Butter and Co had just sent me a sampler box with some of everything they make, which was perfect timing for this trip - the Easy Squeazy peanut butter pouches were easy to pack, versus a whole jar, and I got to be flexible about when and how I wanted to use them, versus bringing pre-made sandwiches or dippers or muffin cups with some PB in them. I brought a few of both of the flavors PBandCo had given me - Smooth Operator and Dark Chocolate Dreams - and let the girls pick which one they wanted that day for their cracker sandwiches. They also each got a cute spoon, in case they needed to spread it better. Or just gobble down the guacamole...

His and Hers
Organic broccoli, tomatoes, carrots and sugar snap peas; GF corn chips, Wholly Guacamole for both of us.
Root chips for Hubby, and vegan (dairy-free) chocolate toffee for Mama. And no. I didn't share!
Since his previous employer catered lunch for the employees every day, I rarely got to pack for Hubby. So I made sure to pack my girl-shaped and boy-shaped silicone baking molds so we could be all matchy-matchy! Awww! And no, the tomatoes were NOT meant to look kind of like bewbies... I was just jamming as many veggies in there as I could, wherever they'd fit!

I packed the lunches before heading out to the water park portion of the resort - the girls were both eager to start on their lunches... right after we'd eaten breakfast! You can even see a tear on E's cheek from when she'd been bawling while I took the lunch photos. [You know you're a food blogger when you hear your 5-year-old tell the toddler, "No! You can't eat yet! Mama needs to take the pictures first!"]

Tools of the Trade

Food for Thought

Still with me? [Hi Nana!] Here's some bonus pictures of Little E at Great Wolf Lodge for the first time!
She loved the little coin-operated carousel up in the arcade so much, she learned how to put the tokens in herself! Z had wanted a stuffed Lalaloopsy doll prize, so Hubby found the games that gave the most tickets per token (for his skill set, anyway) and I was in charge of watching E. Which got boring around the 152nd time on the carousel.
The rest are all of her watching their animatronic singing show thing. Last time we went (while I was quite pregnant with this one,) Z hadn't really been interested in the show [thank gawd!] But this time around, both girls were entranced. If we happened to be walking by one of the three or four times per day it played, we'd have to detour down to the lobby and watch it. Both days! I was ready to yank that little boy robot out of the stump and toss him out a window.

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  1. A girl after my own heart. LOVE all the colors in your lunches!


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