Sunday, October 27, 2013

September Snacks for Kindergarten!

Two weeks of last-minute panic-packed nut, gluten, and dye-free Kindergarten snacks!

Monday, 9/16/13
Cheetos Natural, organic grapes
I got my poker suite picks from a local Asian grocery, but I've seen some nice wooden ones online.

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Tuesday, 9/17/13
Pirate Booty, organic grapes and sugar snap peas
Packed in a Hello Kitty bento box (similar to this one) that I *think* was a gift from my friend Candy Girl at Bent On Better Lunches for my birthday... Or else she sent a different box. I had just made a trip to the Sanrio store and had some other ones and they all got piled together... and my memory is like Swiss cheese...

Wednesday, 9/18/13
Organic apples, Yummy Earth organic fruit snacks
The Yummy Earth fruit snacks came in one of my foodie subscription boxes, and they were a frantic last-minute grab. For some reason I forget to pack snack each morning, until we're getting ready to leave. Doh!

Thursday, 9/19/13
Organic mini apple, Cheetos Natural
The mini apple came from the organic farm where we get our weekly produce share. Cuuute!
This snack is in a Kiki's Delivery Service box.

She didn't get any more of the natural Cheetos after these, since I polished off the rest of the bag, plus another. Plus two more that I bought after. I made myself sick on all that dairy, but I was at a very low point in my life, emotionally. And I got lazy.
Not that the false highs of junk food helped any, when the crashes came... I still haven't gotten my diet back up to snuff. Still a lot of weak moments and lazy nights and bad nutritional choices. But I'm getting there. I didn't allow myself to buy a third round of bags...

Friday we played hooky. Well, we actually took a road trip down to Portland, since Hubby was going to Rose City Comic Con. He was a guest of honor or some such nonsense. But he'd have to drive down anyway, and they paid for his hotel room, so it was like a free vacation... where I was trapped with the kids all day while he played games and hung out with his buddies. It was worth it though! A nice escape from our everyday routine. Plus I wasn't trapped at home by myself with the kids for the weekend!

No clue what her Monday and Tuesday snacks were the following week though. I must not have had time to take photos. And as you can see, I've had to resort to taking last-minute pictures on the front porch while the kids climb into the car. So I must have been running really late, if there was not even time for that!

Wednesday, 9/25/13
Naturebox Garlic Mandarin Peas, organic carrots

Did I mention life was hard around this time? Yeah. Missed taking pics for Thursday's snack too! Either that or I forgot to pack one until we were headed out the door and just grabbed some pre-packaged individual-sized stuff... I know I did that a few times...

Friday, 9/27/13
Organic kiwi berries, GF BBQ Rice Snax shape crackers
This is in a snack box from a Totoro nesting box set. And I stuck a circle pick in the kiwi berries to go with the shapes theme.

She wasn't a fan of the kiwi berries, but she's not a kiwi fan either. But after seeing these on Instagram several times, I was squee-ing like a little girl when I found these at Fred Meyer!

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