Saturday, October 5, 2013

Simple Toddler Picnic in the Park!

Thursday, 8/8/13 - While Big Sis was at Little Gym camp, E and I tooled around at a local park to eat our lunches before nap. Her nap. I don't get to nap. *sigh*

E's Perfectly Good Lunch
Organic sugar snap peas, cherry tomatoes, and champagne grapes; "cheese" scraps, leftover veggie-rice mishmash 
Since Big Sis had something I used some dairy-free Tofutti cheese slices for, E got the scraps. She doesn't like them very much.
For the "grains" and "protein" portion of her lunch, she got some leftover dinner mishmash. One of my specialties. Chop up whatever's starting to go bad and boil it up with some rice and/or quinoa and beans or tofu. Boom. I don't remember what's in this one exactly, but I can see crumbled tofu, brown and white rice with quinoa, beets, carrots, kale, potatoes, and maybe some cauliflower. Plus onion and garlic. Those are a given!

Despite having a perfectly good lunch of her own, E decided Mama's was better. Jerk.

Tools of the Trade
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  1. Your Mishmash looks delicious! I do the same thing with my bento scraps and veggies that are on their way "out." We call it Wolfeatouille!


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