Friday, April 27, 2018

Avengers: Infinity War Reviewed By My 6-Year-Old!

Image copyright Disney/Marvel Studios. Used with permission
I was offered two free tickets to see the new Marvel Avengers: Infinity War movie a few days early. Since it was a matinee, my husband had to work, so I let my 6-year-old superhero fan play hooky from school to come with me! She's a HUGE fan of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise, and loves the Avengers heroes - especially Spider-Man. In fact she even wore her Spider-Man hoodie to the theater! Big fan!
Image copyright Disney/Marvel Studios. Used with permission

This movie has enough major spoilers, I can't really talk about the plot. It's basically one big HUGE spoiler! The premise is that Thanos wants to collect all the Infinity Stones to give himself the power to randomly halve the population of the universe, so the survivors on previously overcrowded planets have the opportunity to thrive. Unfortunately, he didn't have any. The Guardians had the Power Stone in the safekeeping of the Novacore (GotG1,) the Space Stone was assumed destroyed on Asgard at the end of Thor Ragnarok, the Reality Stone was left with the Collector since it couldn't be safely stored so near the Tesseract on Asgard (Thor 2,) the Mind Stone and Time Stone are on earth with Vision and Doctor Strange, respectively, and thus far no one knows where the Soul Stone has been. So it's safe to assume Thanos is coming for Earth, and that this movie will be an "all hands on deck" as far as Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) cast goes! 
Image copyright Disney/Marvel Studios. Used with permission

Here's what I can tell you. If you're not caught up on the movies and characters and plots within the MCU, you may be very lost or confused about a lot of the inside jokes, characters, and dynamics. Bring tissues if you're prone to crying when things get emotional - this movie has a LOT of feels! And it's over 2 hours long, so plan bathroom breaks and drink sizes accordingly! And be prepared for that feeling of letdown and betrayal at the end of the movie when you realize they're done and the story isn't really over. I compare it to how I felt when I was in the theater at age 5 and find out Darth Vader was Luke's father, Luke's hand gets chopped off, and... end credits. I shot up and howled "NoooOoOOoOooOOoo!" My 6-year-old almost did that here. She turned to me and said, "Wait. Is that the end? That's not the end, right?" It was only the promise of the standard Marvel "stinger" in the end credits that kept her calm and seated.

Basically, she sums this movie up really well. "I was sad. It was great. I loved it." And she's been enjoying running around telling her dad "spoilers" - so here's her big reveal... "THANOS is in it! Muahahahaha!" You're welcome.

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