Saturday, October 12, 2013

Super Simple "Crap. I'm Out of Food" Lunches

Wednesday, 10/2/13 - I was out of bread, and wouldn't be getting any until I went to the farm to pick up our weekly produce share that afternoon, so I threw together some staples I keep on hand, plus some stuff I needed gone to make room in the cupboard!

Purple Kindergarten Lunch
Bug Bites dark chocolate squareFunky Monkey Purple Funk banana chips, organic grapes and raspberries,
GF Van's cheese and "everything" crackers, organic plain Greek yogurt w/honey and
dye-free purple jimmies, leftover roasted organic "rainbow potatoes (red, yellow, and purple)
I've made a goal to include a heart in each of her lunches this school year. Sadly, I've forgotten as often as I've remembered, so far. But this was a remember-y day! I took some plain organic Greek yogurt and mixed in some local raw honey I get from the farm (helps with seasonal allergies!) and attempted to put a (dye-free) sprinkles-heart on top. With mixed results. The dye-free purple jimmies dissolved overnight, so I had to do it again in the morning. And it's kind of hard to tell that it's a heart. Oh-well. She knew.

I had a few grapes left, and a few raspberries that hadn't gone moldy, so I put them together on some purple dolphin and crab skewers that came from a pastel version of this set.

To add a little more fruit to her lunch, I decided to try Z out on the Funky Monkey Purple Funk freeze dried banana chips I'd gotten in one of my foodie boxes, but she didn't like them. *sigh* (Note: They will get soggy by lunch unless you store them in an airtight container. I packed these right before heading off to drive Z to her afternoon school, so they were only in there 30-minutes at most.) I wasn't a fan either. They taste kind of oily or something. Dunno. Something I didn't like about them...

Because she'd need a spoon for the yogurt and a fork for the potatoes, I sent a reusable spork. I love packing these! They fit in the large compartment of the EasyLunchbox, and Z thinks they're really fun!

The potatoes had been a big hit the night before at dinner, so I packed some in her lunch to see if she'd eat them cold too. Yuuuuup! I took red, yellow, and purple potatoes from the farm we get our CSA share at and roasted them with a little olive oil, nutritional yeast, sea salt, and rosemary from our garden. It was the purple potatoes that inspired me to go with a purple-y theme with this lunch! I stuck a purple bear pick in them, just for fun. And purple-ness.

Once I'd decided to go with a sort of purple theme, I had to choose the purple lid from the EasyLunchboxes Brights set! Purple cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts on etsy.

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Toddler Lunch
GF Van's cheese and "everything" crackers, tomatoes and carrots,
organic Greek yogurt w/honey, organic apples and grapes
E got honey yogurt and crackers too (the crackers were ready to expire, and taking up two box-slots in my crammer-jammered cupboard!) She also got a few grapes (halved,) and the last few apple slices. Z won't eat tomatoes, and she got potatoes as her veggie anyway. So E got the few old tomatoes and rapidly drying baby carrots left over from a memorial service buffet several weeks before. (The service was for my good friend "Unka Seesee," and since he loved to feed people, I accepted when his sister offered me leftovers from the refreshments table.)

Tools of the Trade
       Red Poppy Napkins 

Food for Thought


  1. You make the simplest lunches look beautiful! (If it doesn't sound like it, that was meant to be a compliment)

    1. Aww, thanks! And "simple" to me means "no-cartoon-characters-made-of-rice-and-hand-cut-nori," so I am ALLLLL about the simple! ;)


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