Tuesday, October 15, 2013

(Less Than) Perfect Pandas... Zombie Pandas?

Thursday, 8/8/13 - Yet another simple lunch (with some cute cutters to make it fun) ruined by hard-to-work-with gluten-free bread. This is really putting a crimp in my bento-bility! I am sorely tempted to just let my girls and I feel crappy again, just so I can make good looking sandwiches!

Dairy-free cheese on GF bread; organic sugar snap peas, carrots, cherries, and champagne grapes
I did what I could with the cute little panda cutter set, but the bread is so dry and crumbly, it hates me. And the dairy-free cheese is so soft and sticky, it kept breaking trying to get it off the cutters.

They almost look like zombie pandas... Ooo. Okay, wait. Yeah. Zombie pandas. That's what I was going for here! Happy Halloween, y'all! "Bambraaaaaaains!"

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  1. The Pandas are super cute and I love the entire lunch!:)

  2. Love your pandas - how is it possible to make a zombie cute?!?


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