Monday, October 28, 2013

Monster Monday - Pumpkin Patch Monster!

Thursday, 10/17/13 - Z's Kindergarten class had a field trip to a pumpkin patch that was down near my sister's house - which meant that my sister could watch E for me while I went with the class! Yay!

I was tired of pumpkin lunches, so decided to go with a twist - a monster in a pumpkin patch! I had a monster cutter set, and noticed that if I flipped the bat creature upside-down, it made a fun ghost-monster.

Pumpkin Patch Monster
GF Peanut Butter Co Mighty Maple PB sandwich, organic carrots, pumpkin Sea Salt Super Seedz, pomegranate arils
After making my upside-down bat monster sandwich, I used some extra PB to glue on some carrot eyes (cut with a tiny circle cutter) and nori pupils and mouth (cut with nori face punchers) and a little nori bow on top. Because the monster is a girl, of course!

The carrot "pumpkins" is just a short carrot stick I cut little Vs in to sort of look like a pumpkin stalk, then cut into coins. I arranged them on some reusable silicone grass baran to look more pumpkin patch-y.

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Tools of the Trade

 Bento Nori Cutter Seaweed Puncher 3 Design Series 1 Japanese Bento Nori Cut Seaweed Cutter  

The Great Pumpkin
My crazy girl wants to make a pumpkin pie out of her pumpkin, even though I kept telling her that they aren't pie pumpkins, and that a small one was plenty big enough anyway. She wanted to find the biggest pumpkin on the planet. Luckily, our admission only covered a pumpkin from the small patch! Yay! Still plenty big though. She's gonna have pumpkin puree snuck into her macaroni and cheese for the next decade with this one! (No, not the 1,173 pounder. To her dismay, that one was for display only.)

The snack parent got cute and had those little oranges with jack-o-lantern faces drawn on them. Plus some home-popped popcorn. I was thrilled, since both were safe for Z to eat. She was thrilled too. She loves popcorn! Although that meant I had dragged her home-packed snack bag around all day for no reason. Oh well.

Monster Mash
Aaaand wouldn't you know it? My random idea to make a monster instead of pumpkin-y bento? NAILED IT! The pumpkin patch's corn maze had a monster theme! (Monsters U, but they can't call it that...) So we'll pretend like I totally planned that.
The kids had fun, but I wasn't a fan of the corn field of boredom. I mean "corn maze." There were a few fun things, like the eyeball tunnel entrance, and a few monster statues. But mostly endless walls of corn stalks and wandering in circles. There was a gigantic foot sticking up that the kids had seen over the top of the corn and wanted to go find. But it wasn't on the useless map (nor were the statues - just the monster picture checkpoint signs. And don't even get me started on the inaccuracy of the maze on the map!)

Once the kids found the foot (nothing exciting. Just a ginormous green foot towering high,) we found the nearest emergency exit and hot-footed it out of there!


  1. What a cute lunch! Love the monster in a pumpkin patch!
    We're also gluten-free, and I'm always happily surprised when we can eat the snack. It's also why I volunteer to be room mom, so my kid can eat what everyone else is eating. It's an ongoing battle.


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