Friday, December 14, 2012

The Hobbit Hop - "Elevensies"

My Preciousssss.... Lunch.

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Join us for a delicious Middle Earth feast to celebrate the opening of the movie The Hobbit in theaters today!
Click the link or button to hop on to see what Jenn at Bento for Kidlet has come up with for "Second Breakfast," and keep hopping through the whole loop to see all the Tolkien fun!

Ham and cheese on rosemary bread,  cheddar with fruit leather,
pomegranate arils, carrot coins
Smaug: I put pomegranate arils in a square muffin cup to be like Smaug's scales, then used a bit of uncooked spaghetti noodle through some bits of cheese cut to be an arrow and fletching. To represent the arrow that hit Smaug in his missing scale.
The carrot coins are to represent Smaug's treasure. Like gold coins.

Tricksy Hobbitses: A small foot cutter on some cheddar to make hobbit feet (I flipped one cheese over to make the feet face different ways.) I used the hair cutter from a faces cutter set on some dye-free fruit roll-up to make little thatches of hair for their hairy feet!

We Eats It, My Precioussss: I used the faces cutter to make Gollum and Bilbo out of ham and cheese and fruit roll-up. I snapped the guard and end off of a blue sword pick for Sting (Bilbo's sword - it glows blue in the presence of orcs.) And finally a ring pick for the One Ring.

I tried cutting the eyes and mouth separately on Gollum, and I ended up almost crumbling the whole thing. Darnit. I thought a smiley face wouldn't look right. But I caught some flak for it from a certain little preschooler, who kept harping on and on about how he wasn't smiling and why isn't he smiling Mama, and why didn't you make him smile? Bleah.

Re-usable dragon-print ("Smaug!") cloth napkin from Red Poppy Crafts shop on etsy.

Tools of the Trade
 Japanese Bento Cute Food Pick 12 pcs Decorative Bento Cutter Ham Cheese Cutter Set 14 Facial Expression     


  1. So many creative details! I especially love your arrow!

  2. The feet! Love it and that tiny little arrow amazing!

  3. Gollum doesn't smile without the precious!!!! This looks so awesome. A lot of thought put into it!

  4. Your Gollum and Bilbo are so cute!

  5. Such a cute idea, and I LOVE the hobbit feet! You are so creative!

  6. Great lunch! The hairy feet cracked me up.

  7. Yummy Elevensies! Love all the details :)

  8. Super lovely! I think your details are awesome!

  9. I love this! Seriously though, the hobbit feet, OMG!!! So cute!

  10. Awesome job! Love the cranky gollum. Even if miss thing didn't!

  11. Super cute! Can't believe you have a small foot cutter haha.. And love the arrow too.

  12. I love every detail. That pile of pomegranate looks delish!


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