Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Allergy-Friendly "Fall Feast" School Party

Every year at Z's private preschool, each class has a "Fall Feast" the last class before Thanksgiving, where the parents are invited to watch a mini musical pageant and enjoy an assigned potluck meal with Thanksgiving-style dishes.

I figured the turkey and veggie trays would be safe (without dip for Mama, natch,) but stuffing, rolls, and pies would be a no-go. And I didn't really want to eat any turkey. So I just packed myself a whole gluten-dairy-meat-free meal, and brought some extras for Z.

Mama's Feast
Meatless Meatloaf Muffin, GF ciabatta roll, GF MOMeos, wild rice w/sweet potato
I sliced and toasted two gluten-free Schaar ciabatta rolls (one in my lunch and a separately-packed one for Z) and added a little dairy-free butter (Earth Balance organic buttery spread) and garlic salt to help them taste less blah.

I packed a left-over lentil "meatloaf" muffin to eat instead of turkey. I sliced it in half horizontally, so that I could make little open-faced sandwiches, and added a little ketchup in between the slices.

For a side, I packed some leftover wild rice with sweet potato. Yummy and seasonal!

For dessert, I'd signed up to bring a pie, and I packed some whole-grain gluten-dairy-egg-nut-free "Oreos" (recipe on the MOMables blog) in case the store-bought frozen gluten-free marionberry pie wasn't to our liking.

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Half the kids made paper Indian costumes, and half made paper pilgrim costumes. Adorable!

Lunch for the Toddler, Back at Home
GF DF toasted "cheese" sandwich; organic sugar snap peas, carrots, tomatoes, apples
Meanwhile, back at the Ranch, my mom came down to babysit the little one, since siblings aren't invited to Fall Feast. Waaah! I packed a lunch for Gramma to have ready to appease the savage beast.

While toasting the buns for Z and myself, I made a mini gluten-free grilled (dairy-free) cheese sandwich for E, and then after it cooled a bit, cut it into little nibbles with a FunBites cutter.

Z was a huge fan of the gluten-free rolls, and used some turkey to turn hers into a sandwich. She loved them so much I ended up giving her half of mine as well. And she had some pie AND my cookies! Snake! But she loved them both, and raved about them all through the holiday season.

Tools of the Trade
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  1. ...sorry, but wow I'd hate to be a Native kid at that school. "Let's dress up in adorable redface, disrespect your heritage, and celebrate the massacre of your people!"

    It's just... that's kind of mean.

  2. Z looks like she is enjoying the bento so much!!!


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