Friday, January 24, 2014

FunBites Friday: Leftover Pizza Bites

FunBites has three different cutters to make easy bite-sized food, but by far I use the Squares cutter the most! Instead of hacking away at a slice of leftover pizza, I can quickly and easily make neat, uniform little pizza nibble squares! And it's dishwasher safe, so practically no mess at all!

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Monday, 11/18/13
Z's Lunch: Leftover GF/DF pizza; organic raspberries and carrots; leftover GF cornbread, sugar
My Kindergartener got some cheese-and-olive pizza left over from dinner at a local gluten-free bakery, and a fun smiling boy fork to help her eat it.

Both girls got a tiny square of dairy- and gluten-free cornbread (from a mix,) but Z also got some sugar in a little sauce box, since she wouldn't eat it otherwise.

E's Lunch: Leftover GF/DF pizza; organic sugar snap peas, raspberries, apples; leftover cornbread
E seems to be lactose-intolerant, and even cooked mozzarella can make her sick. So when I have to, I order half of a pizza cheese-free for her. This one's from Domino's. Yes. Pizza twice in one week. So?
I sprinkled on some dairy-free "cheese" shreds for her lunch, to make it look less nekkid. And then I apparently shook her lunch up to make everything messy inside. *facepalm*

Thursday, 11/21/13 - Squares!
Z's lunch: Organic apples, DF "Ranch" kale chips, chocolate nut clusters, leftover GF pizza
More leftover bakery pizza, and I put a few pizza bites on a spiral square pick to go with the square pizza bites and square cups.
To keep with the square theme, I included a few Trader Joe's chocolate-dipped nut-cluster squares (okay, rectangles) as a treat.

Tuesday, 11/26/13
E's lunch: Leftover GF pizza; organic sugar snap peas, purple cauliflower, grapes
Since I'd run out of leftover cheeseless pizza, E got the scraps with the least amount of cheese from cutting up a slice for Z (below.)

This one looooves raw cauliflower, if it's one of the fancy colored ones. Especially purple. So I made sure to include some from our organic farm share with her snap peas.

I added a mini bear ears pick to one of her grapes, just for fun. She lost it somewhere in the car. *sad face*

Z's lunch: Leftover GF pizza, goat cheese, leftover roasted  purple and green organic cauliflower, organic raspberries
Z got a similar lunch, with more pizza bites (some on a heart pick,) but her cauliflower is roasted instead. She loves it that way! She's not a big fan of grapes most days, so she got some raspberries with a bear pick instead. And some goat cheese cut with a snowflake fondant cutter, plus scraps tucked under.

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