Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Simple Peanut Butter Sandwich-on-a-Stick!

Cut off the crusts. Add the fillings. Cut sandwich into small squares. Skewer onto long picks. A fast and easy way to keep a same old-same old sandwich fun! Sandwich-on-a-Stick!

With Love, for Kindergarten
GF Dark Chocolate Dreams PB sandwich bites, organic carrots and raspberries
Since my goal this school year was to include a heart in every Kindergarten lunch, I put Z's sandwich bites on a heart and "with (love)" long cupcake skewers. And just for fun, a stuck a green heart fork pick in with her raspberries.

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Yum for Toddler
GF Dark Chocolate Dreams PB sandwich bites; organic carrots, tomatoes, grapes, and raspberries
E pretty much got the same lunch as Big Sis, only on a "yum" skewer. Plus I added some tomatoes and halved grapes, because she likes those. I didn't halve the baby tomatoes because she likes to gnaw her way in and slorp out the guts. Then I get the carcasses to toss into my salad. So not really a choking hazard there.

Tools of the Trade

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