Sunday, January 26, 2014

We {Heart} Lunch - Mini Heart Sandwiches

Wednesday, 11/13/13 - "Cookie cutter lunches" are an easy way to keep lunch fun. Both my girls prefer smaller hand-sized sandwiches. They're easier to hold and eat!

I {Heart} My Kindergartener
GF PBJs, organic pink carrot, organic mini apple, GF MOMeos
I made a goal this year to include a heart in every Kindergarten lunch. So far I've forgotten almost as many times as I remembered, but for this lunch, it was kind of the basic theme.

I couldn't resist grabbing a few of these tiny apples from the farm stand when I was picking up my weekly farm share. So cute! A whole one fit easily in the smallest compartment. Squeee!

I {Heart} My Toddler
GF PBJs, organic pink carrot, organic raspberries, GF MOMeos

The cookies are one of the batches I tried for the MOMables Gluten-Free "Oreos" post, testing different flours. These used a more refined flour blend, and were super crunchy (and got a wee bit overcooked) but I like the taste better than the whole-grain version that I ended up posting there. But the girls loved both versions and didn't seem to care which ones they got.

Tools of the Trade
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