Thursday, January 2, 2014

Leftover Holiday Treats... For Lunch!

Since a certain pair of little girls nibbled and poked at the cookie base for my gluten-free Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark recipe with Pillsbury Gluten-Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough, I couldn't exactly send it off to the teachers now, could I? So there was plenty left for me to nosh on after bedtime and pack in my lunches. But mostly the after bedtime thing.

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Screw the Teachers! Cookies for Mama!
Organic salad (mixed baby greens, spinach, radicchio, carrots, sugar snap peas, sunflower and chia seeds, hemp hearts, raisins, Rosemary Balsamic dressing, Barnana chewy banana bites,  GF Peppermint Chocolate Chip Cookie Bark
My grandma had wild orange poppies growing along the sidewalk in front of her old house my whole childhood. They're one of the things I miss the most about that place since she sold her house a decade or so ago. So I made a quick little abstract salad version of a field of orange poppies. Yum!

And look! There's a nice small compartment there in the EasyLunchbox, just perfect for packing some yummy gluten-free dessert treats!

...which someone else snaked anyway! Doh!

Tools of the Trade
 Gluten Free Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough

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