Thursday, January 23, 2014

Simple Holiday Shape Lunches

Simple cookie cutters make fun easy holiday lunches!
Simple can be just as fun and yummy, and using cookie cutters is as simple as it gets! Here are some loosely holiday-themed lunches made cute and simple.

Happy Snowmen
Angie's Popcorn, GF PBJ; organic strawberries, carrots, sugar snap peas
Tuesday, 12/17/13 - My toddler is more likely to eat her bread if I make the sandwiches small, so I used a mini snowman cutter on some scraps from something of Z's to make a few mini sandwiches. I used a toothpick to paint on some dye-free natural food color features.

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Bear-ly There
Organic satsuma, grapes, peas; GF PBJ, dye-free gummy heart
Friday, 12/20/13 - More tiny sandwiches for E, this time with a mini bear cutter. And I sliced a Surf Sweets heart-shaped gummy in half for each girl, since a whole one was aesthetically too thick for the lunches. Ha!

Simple Gingerbread Girl
GF PBJ w/dye-free gummy heart, organic grapes, kale chips
gingerbread girl cutter with a gummy heart and some India Tree Nature's Colors jimmies sprinkles to make a face, and done! Plus a gingerbread candy man cupcake pick to keep it festive.

Tools of the Trade

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