Saturday, January 25, 2014

Leftover Chicken for Easy School Lunches!

Extra chicken or turkey from dinner or the holidays? No problem. Lunch it! You can toss it win with other foods in a soup or casserole or burritos or whatever, or do the lazy thing, and toss it in with some crackers or bread for DIY canapes! Ha!

Friday, 8/16/13
Z's lunch: GF brown rice crackers; organic sugar snap peas, champagne grapes, cherries; leftover chicken
Some chunks of leftover roasted chicken with gluten-free brown rice crackers make a quick and easy Kindergarten lunch!

E's lunch: GF brown rice crackers; organic champagne grapes, peas, heirloom cherry tomatoes; leftover chicken
The toddler got the same lunch as Big Sis, except with tomatoes instead of cherries. On account of she likes tomatoes (Z hates them,) and she only eats the pits and stems of the cherries, and spits out the flesh. So we don't waste any on her!

Friday, 12/13/13
E's lunch: leftover rice, leftover corn, mango chunks, leftover turkey, GF baguette slices
We'd gone to Whole Foods the night before because Mama had a wine tasting event, and Dadda works nearby. They have a faaaabulous buffet (pay by weight) with tons of safe gluten- and dairy-free foods that the girls like. And of course, no petroleum-derived ingredients!
Both girls had leftovers, so Mama packed some into their lunches the next day!

E's rice and corn have pink spots because she'd tried some beets, which tend to mark everything they touch!

Z's lunch: GF baguette slices, leftover turkey, GF graham cracker w/dye-free
frosting and gummy, leftover mashed potatoes and corn, mango chunks
The gluten-free baguette slices were for the girls to make little turkey sandwiches or whatever, and I'd toasted them first, with a little dairy-free butter and garlic salt.

Z got a gluten-free graham cracker (Schaar brand) with some dye- and dairy-free pre-made frosting we'd gotten with our special gingerbread house kit. She was upset at having to wait to assemble the gingerbread house until my sister's house the following weekend, but was placated with the promise of a frosting-slathered graham cracker. I added a Surf Sweets heart gummy because I've been trying to include a heart in each of her Kindergarten lunches.

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