Monday, January 6, 2014

MOMables Monday - Easy PB Cracker Stackers

PB Cracker Stackers from the @MOMables menu subscription!
A simple but brilliant idea found thanks to my MOMables menu subscription. The original idea was for PBJ Cracker Stackers, but packed vertically like these, the jelly runnels down in a puddle and makes everything sticky. Plus getting the jelly out and putting it on is a whole extra step. So these are just peanut butter. Yup. I'm lazy like that!

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Kindergarten Lunch
Organic strawberries and sugar snap peas, GF Glutino crackers w/PB, GF rice chips, Cheetos Naturals
Both girls pretty much got the same lunch this time. Easy-peasy for Mama!

Lunch for the Toddler
GF rice chips, Cheetos Naturals, GF Glutino crackers w/PB; organic strawberries, tomatoes, and sugar snap peas
Baby seems to have issues with dairy, but I'm thinking it's just lactose, so try her out on various things to see if they're okay for her. So she got some Cheetos too. Sharper/harder cheeses, like cheddar, tend to have less or no lactose.

Tools of the Trade
  Biting the Hand
Food for Thought

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