Sunday, January 5, 2014

Simple Cheese-y Leftovers

Some non-dairy "cheese'y" leftovers for lunch for Kindergarten! Both were quick and easy to pack, and big hits!

Leftover GF/DF macaroni and cheese, organic homemade pickled cucumbers and green beans, organic apples
Wednesday, 10/16/13 - I packed this simple Kindergarten lunch in my PlanetBox Shuttle.
This lunch features leftover Namaste "Say Cheez" gluten- and dairy-free macaroni and cheese supplemented with some pureed squash and nutritional yeast to give it more sauce. Still not very saucey, though, with this batch.

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GF/DF grilled biscuit pizza sandwiches; organic sugar snap peas, mini apple, raspberries
Friday, 11/8/13 - I baked some Chebe bread mix in a Jack-o-lantern muffin pan, and then cut the "muffins" in half and broiled some pizza sauce, non-dairy-cheese, and olives on each half, then pressed them back together into a sandwich.

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