Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Pretzel Chip Peanut Butter "Sandwiches"

Tuesday, 11/12/13 - So simple, I'm surprised I hadn't thought of this before! These pretzels chips are enough like crackers that I can make sandwiches... and the peanut butter is thick enough the holes don't really matter. You could easily substitute a nut-free spread like WowButter or SunButter too.

Little Bunny
Organic sugar snap peas and apples, Glutino pretzel chip PB sandwiches, cheese curds
For Z's Kindergarten lunch, I added some pink and white bunny picks and a cloth bunny napkin for added cuteness. Ta-da!

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Little Bear
Organic apples, sugar snap peas, and tomatoes; cheese curds, Glutino pretzel chip PB sandwiches
For E, I used bear head picks instead. Mostly because I'd be less upset if she lost or broke one of these, versus the bunny ones!

Tools of the Trade
 Japanese Bento Accessory Food Pick Cute 3D Rabbit 8 pcs    Red Poppy Napkins 

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