Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Dinosaurs Before Dark!

Z had just read the Magic Treehouse book "Dinosaurs Before Dark" where they meet dinosaurs and fly on a pterodactyl. Or pteranodon. Whatever. I don't know dinosaurs very well. And I got these Organicasaurus puff treats in one of our monthly foodie boxes - so it was the perfect time to make some dino-riffic lunches! 

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Terror of the Skies
Organicasaurus cheese puffs, GF PBJ, organic apples, soybeans w/kosher salt
For Z I used my pterodactyl cutter (pteranodon?) on her sandwich, and gave it an Enjoy Life mini chocolate chip eye.

I dino'd up her apples and edamame with some cute dinosaur cupcake rings, and turned her puffs different ways to make a brontosaurus fighting a T-Rex.

Organicasaurus cheese puffs, GF PBJ, soybeans w/kosher salt, organic apples
For E I used a mini brontosaurus cutter (apatosaurus. Whatever) for a more recognizable dinosaur profile. And I turned her T-Rex-shaped puff snacks sideways to look like brontosauri. Brontosauruses? 

She got some dinosaur cupcake picks in her side compartments.

Tools of the Trade 


  1. OMG.. so cute. We are preparing for kiddo's dino themed birthday and can't find cutters locally.


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