Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Rainbow Salad (No Spiders Allowed!)

Tuesday, 9/24/13 - Z was excited to find 3 different colors of cauliflower at the farm stand where we pick up our weekly produce share, and insisted that I buy some of each. Since orange, green, and purple cauliflower put me halfway to making a rainbow, I made sure to save some of each to make a rainbow salad!

Vegan rice crispy treats, honeydew melon, organic salad (red lettuce, cabbage, red and yellow baby heirloom
tomatoes, carrots, green and purple cauliflower, chia and sunflower seeds, hemp hearts, raisins, dressing)
If you're looking at this going, "Yeah, but that's just some veggies and fruit. Where's the protein?" the answer is... in the salad! Sometimes I take the photo before adding on the dry stuff, and sometimes I hide them underneath, so you might not see them, but I always add a mixture of seeds (and almost always raisins) to my salads.
2 Tbsp of hemp hearts contain roughly 6.5g protein (I don't measure it out but I usually get between 1 and 2 Tbsp per salad.) Plus 1 Tbsp of chia seeds has 2g protein (plus 5.5g fiber!) And these are complete proteins - all amino acids present and accounted for! 1 Tbsp sunflower seeds adds 3g protein, and they're almost a complete protein, being just a smidge low on Lysine. So my 3-4 Tbsp of crunchy add-ons give me 8-11g protein! Woohoo!

And the Sweet and Sara brown rice crispy treats count as whole grains! Bwahaha!

A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum...
I take my photos out on the back porch because I get good indirect light. As I was carrying my salad out to get ready for pictures, I got a phone call. So I was distracted when I opened the sliding glass door and walked face-first into a ginormous spider who had built a web across the doorway.

If you look closely at the photos, you should be able to see specks of purple and turquoise Moon Sand from where I had to pick up bits of salad off the back porch from when I pooped my pants in terror squealed and dropped my lunch. The lid fell halfway off, and a bunch of the rainbow toppings fell out.
I had to scavenge it all back up and into my salad for the pictures. You see, I'd only saved exactly the amount I'd need. So there was no spare cauliflower to sub in instead. Yum. Moon Sand!

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