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December 2013 Kindergarten Snacks - Nut, Dye, Gluten, and (Mostly) Dairy-Free!


Tuesday, 12/3/13
Organic kale chips, Naturebox Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels
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Gingerbread Cookie Eating Party
(All dye-free:) Trader Joe's gumdrops, Surf Sweets gummy bears,
TruSweet peppermint, Mi-Del GF gingerbread cookies
That afternoon, her other Kindergarten class would be eating a large gingerbread cookie they'd formed and slathered decorated with candy the day before. So I sent some safe gingerbread and candies for her to enjoy instead.

Wednesday, 12/4/13
Naturebox Ranch Peas and Southern BBQ Sunflower Kernels
For this snack I used a large Hello Kitty Easter egg to hold a little savory snack mix.

Thursday, 12/5/13
Naturebox Mandarin Garlic Peas, Snappea CrispsEnjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunchy Cookie
I packed this snack in a Sistema Klip-It Split snack container. I like these. They're air-tight so I can pack wet and dry ingredients the night before without worrying about sogginess. Even though I still only packed dry stuff... It's a bad time of year for fresh produce. I was running low.

Friday, 12/6/13
Glutino peppermint yogurt-covered pretzels, organic sugar snap peas
These pretzels are the only non-dairy-free item in these snacks. They use beet juice for coloring the peppermint crumbles though, so I forgive them!

Monday, 12/9/13
Lime tortilla chips, organic sugar snap peas

Tuesday, 12/10/13
Lime flavored potato puffs, applesauce squeeze pouch
This box came from Target. They have a nice selection of affordable bento-type boxes now, over with their kids dishes. I think this was only $3 or $4.

Thursday, 12/12/13
Pomegranate arils, Enjoy Life Double Chocolate Crunch granola
I sent a Trudeau FUEL foldable spoon with this snack because I could juuuuust cram it in to this little snack box, if I bent the muffin cups a tad. I'm tired of soiled utensils rattling around in her snack bag on the way home.

Monday, 12/16/13
OrgraN GF Itsy Bitsy Bears, organic kale chips
For this snack, I packed some gluten-free bear cookies in a cloth zippered snack bag, which kind of backfired. The teacher is so used to the bento box snacks, she didn't notice it at the bottom of Z's snack bag. Doh!
I'm not a fan of the cloth bags for dry snacks because of the crushability factor. But I got some on super sale from Sarah's Stitches, and then she was out of one of the styles I'd ordered, so sent me an extra one FREE! She has great customer service, and a nice selection of prints! If you like using cloth snack and sandwich bags, I highly recommend hers. They're even lined with a water resistant fabric for extra snacky protection.

Tuesday we slept in so late we missed school, then Wednesday and Thursday I forgot and had to toss some pre-packaged stuff together last-minute. And Friday school was cancelled due to snow.

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