Sunday, January 19, 2014

Peanut Butter Jelly Time!

Some days you just need to fall back on an oldie but goodie! Peanut butter and jelly is a lunch classic for a reason. Familiar, easy, and most importantly, quick!

Friday, 7/5/13
Z's Lunch (Left): root chips, 1/2 GF PBJ, organic sugar snap peas and cherries
E's Lunch (Right): organic grapes, snow peas, red and golden raspberries; 1/2 GF PBJ

Thursday, 8/15/13
Puffed potato chips, GF vanilla sandwich cookie, 1/2 GF PBJ, organic champagne grapes and sugar snap peas
For these lunches the girls pretty much got the same things. Except E got toddler-sized portions (above) and Big Sis got almost-Kindergartener-sized portions (below.)

Organic sugar snap peas, strawberries, champagne grapes; GF PBJ, puffed potato chips, GF vanilla sandwich cookie
I cut both sandwiches into "fingers" which is a quick and easy way to make them fun to eat (and increase the chance of the crusts getting eaten too, when I'm too lazy to cut the crusts off first to save them for something else!)

Tuesday, 10/22/13
For these lunches I changed it up a bit by toasting the bread first. Gluten-free bread tastes much better toasted, for some reason. (Note: don't toast the pre-made sandwiches unless you enjoy the peanut oil separating and oozing through your bread. Yuck. You may also want to let the toast cool a bit before adding spreads, depending how thick your nut-butter is. Too runny and the oil tends to separate. Too thick and the clump tends to just slide around as you spread and just the oil sticks.)

Tools of the Trade

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