Sunday, April 13, 2014

Nut-free Gluten-free Kindergarten and Sister-Snacks!

I send a snack with Z every day for her nut-free morning Kindergarten class, although some days I'm lazy and just grab a single-serve bag of popcorn or PopChips and a GoGoSqueeze or other fruit pouch. I don't bother taking a photo those days. We also had a few activities where both girls needed snacks. Squeee! I love matching sister-snacks!

Monday, 2/24/14
Cinnamon sugar popcorn, pomegranate limeaid "bubble tea"
I'd found some tapioca pearls at an Asian grocery so decided to try some bubble tea! I boiled them up the night before, added them to some juice, and put the jar in the fridge overnight. The bubble tea straws also came from the grocery.
For whatever reason, I couldn't find her regular snack bag, so I grabbed the Skip Hop owl lunch bag that I'd just gotten in my monthly Citrus Lane box (scooooore! I've been eyeballing them for a while, but couldn't justify buying one because I don't often use lunch bags that carry the bento boxes vertically.)

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Tuesday, 3/11/14
Naturebox Mandarin Garlic Peas, organic strawberries
Z hadn't eaten her strawberries with the flower pick in her lunch from the day before, so I rolled them into her snack the next day!
I got this snack box from the Disney Store before it was discontinued. Other than the side tabs that like to fall off, I love these little snack boxes!

Sister Snacks
Dye-free cotton candy, GF Qwackers
Tuesday nights at Z's elementary school is offering classes for parents to help establish study skills and self-confidence from an early age, and they even watch the kids for you! So I pack snacks for my girls and send them on their way!

Wednesday, 3/12/14
Naturebox Masa Crisps, organic raspberries
While the open-from-the-bottom tabs confuse us both, I am liking this Sistema Klip-It Split container I grabbed on a whim. I can pack both sides the night before without worrying about the crunchies going soggy, since it's air-tight, even between compartments. I've seen solid-colored ones at Safeway and these one with fun mis-matched lids at Old Navy.

Friday, 3/14/14 - Sister Snacks
Cosmos Creations Sea Salt and Butter puffs, GF pretzel rings, organic blueberries
Friday was a teacher workday; no school! So a local kiddie gym offered a special 3-hour day-camp that afternoon. And they take a limited number of non-potty-trained under-3s! Three-hours of child-free bliss!

Monday, 3/17/14
Organic grapes, popcorn

Thursday, 3/20/14
Enjoy Life Sunbutter Crunch bar, organic yogurt tube
This was a lazy-day snack, but I had time to take a photo. I had frozen her yogurt the night before, so it would keep itself cold in her slightly-insulated dollar store snack bag. Z loves slightly-frozen yogurt and smoothies!

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