Monday, April 14, 2014

MOMables Monday - Naturally Dyed Easter Eggs for Lunch!

I did a post for MOMables on natural food-based colors to dye eggs and then used the juices to dye the hard boiled eggs inside too! (Check out this MOMables post on how to make easy-peel hard boiled eggs!) My girls are wild about hard boiled eggs, especially when I make them fun with shapes or colors. Or both!

Lunch for my Big Bunny
HB ogranic egg, kale chips, dye-free jelly beans, organic blueberries, leftover purple Thai sticky rice
I went all purpley and pink with this bunny lunch for my Kindergartener. Even the kale chips have some purple kale mixed in!

I made a bunny head nigiri from some leftover purple Thai sticky rice and put it in a flower muffin cup. I used some white sprinkle jimmies to make a simple face and whiskers. The lid kind of messed them up a bit though.

I used the same bunny egg mold for the egg and the rice. (I found this one at Safeway for Easter, and can't find it anywhere online. It's made by Sweet Creations line from Good Cooks and is paired with a ladybug mold, and they also make a set of flower ones!)
To mold a (peeled) hard-boiled egg after it's cooled, just drop it in some hot water for a minute or so before popping it into the mold. Hint: do this part before dying the egg. *cough* Then you can put the mold (with egg still inside!) in the fridge to cool, or just drop it in an ice bath for faster results. You can try skipping a step by boiling the dye water instead, and dye the egg while heating it to go in the mold. Or just drop the molded egg in the dye after.

Lunch for my Little Bunny
Organic grapes, kale chips, HB organic egg, organic blackberries, leftover organic brown rice and quinoa
Ever since she saw the blue eggs in my photos, E would ask again and again for "da boo one eggck." So for this lunch I made sure to take the time to dye the actual egg blue as well, since the girls usually didn't get to enjoy the shell color once they'd made their selections for me to peel.

Tools of the Trade

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