Tuesday, April 22, 2014

The Wedding Anniversary of River Song

April 22, 2011 was the date that The Doctor and River Song got married in the Doctor Who episode, The Wedding of River Song. Happy Anniversary, Doctor! So I made a simple lunch for my little Kindergarten Whovian!

Organic apples and carrots, Jelly Baby, dark chocolate hearts, GF rice crackers w/goat cheddar
Hello Sweetie!: I had to order a few more packs of alphabet picks to have enough Es for River quote, but it was worth it! The apples (apples are rubbish!) are in a jumbo star muffin cup (I got mine at World Market.)

Wedding Day: My friend from Bent On Bento Lunches got us some dye-free Jelly Babies from Canada, so even though they were the Fourth Doctor's thing, I had to include them! I could only fit one in the diamond ring treat box, but I wasn't too worried, since Z was already getting the two dark chocolate hearts as treats anyway. (Either to represent the Doctor's two hearts, or else one each for him and River. Whatever makes you happy!)

Bow Ties Are Cool: Eleven liked to wear bow ties, so I put a  bow tie pick in her carrot sticks.

TARDIS: I got the home-made TARDIS baran idea from Chaos and Confections. With a TARDIS-blue silicone baking mat, an Xacto knife, and a Sharpie, I freehand-drew a TARDIS, then cut it out with the knife. I almost messed up and cut the third window on the wrong side, since I forgot I'd be flipping it over to hide the pen marks. Whoops!

Tools of the Trade
 alphabet picks   
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