Thursday, April 3, 2014

Fish Fingers and Custard Day

I had some fish sticks (we call them fish fingers around here though!) left over from a recent dinner, so had to make some Fish Fingers and Custard Day lunches! April 3rd is celebrated as Fish Fingers and Custard Day to celebrate the airing of  Doctor Who's "Eleventh Hour."

Bow Ties Are Cool
Organic celery w/PB and chocolate chips, GF fish sticks,
organic apples, DF chocolate yogurt w/dye-free gummies
Fish Fingers - I made sure to save some gluten-free fish sticks from dinner one night. They looked pretty boring though, so I added a red bow tie pick because "bow ties are cool."

Decorative Vegetable - Even though she's never been a fan of it, I included some celery for the fifth Doctor. And added some Enjoy Life dark chocolate chips. They kind of look like The Doctor's recorder.

Apples are Rubbish - Another bow pick in the apple slices. Even though Eleven didn't like them.

"Custard" - I was too lazy to actually make a dairy-free custard, or even dye-free vanilla pudding mix*, so instead I used So Delicious chocolate cultured coconut milk Greek-style yogurt. I added some dye-free Surf Sweets heart gummies to represent The Doctor's two hearts!

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*Yes, even regular vanilla pudding has fake dyes. Check out the petroleum-filled horror that is in the Jell-O brand (petroleum-derived ingredients are in bold:) Sugar, Modified Food Starch, Contains less than 2% of Natural and Artificial Flavor, Salt, Disodium Phosphate and Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate (For Thickening), Mono- and Diglycerides (Prevent Foaming), Artificial Color, Yellow 5, Yellow 6, BHA (Preservative).

Bow Ties are Still Cool
Organic strawberries, GF PB sandwich, DF chocolate yogurt; organic carrots, tomatoes, celery
For the little one, I opted for a sandwich instead of fish sticks. For her sandwich, I went with a bow tie cookie cutter from Warpzone Prints. I didn't bother Who-ifying up the rest of her lunch.

Tools of the Trade


  1. Fun Doctor Who lunches. Thanks for sharing at Leftovers on Fridays

  2. These lunches are so cool! I'll have to remember fish fingers and custard day next year!
    Thank you for linking up at Fun Food Friday!


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