Monday, April 7, 2014

Bird Nest Salad for Mama!

Tuesday, 1/14/14 - I decided to try a carrot and broccoli-stem slaw from Trader Joe's for mixing in my salads. It looked so much like a nest when I plopped some on top of my salad that I decided to go with it and put my sliced baby tomatoes back together and placed them on like eggs. Squeee!

Watermelon, organic dried mango, trail mix (cashews, peanuts, Enjoy Life mini chocolate chips, raisins,) salad (organic lettuce, carrot and broccoli slaw, tomatoes, hemp hearts, chia and sunflower seeds, rosemary vinaigrette) 

Tools of the Trade

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  1. Looks so refreshing and yummy! great colors <3 Even love how this is stil Spring Time/ Easter themed!



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