Sunday, April 20, 2014

Gluten-Dye-Nut-Free Kindergarten and Day Camp Sister Snacks!

Several weeks of nut, gluten, and dye-free snacks for Kindergarten, "Mommy Meetings," and Day Camp for my girls!

Tuesday, 3/25/14 - Sister Snacks
Sweet Potato PopChips, Brach's Natural Gummi Candy
I've been going to a class for parents at Z's elementary school for helping to instill good study habits from an early age, and they provide childcare. Woop! So I pack matching snacks for my girls.

I put E's snack in a Take N Toss sectioned bowl (I don't recommend these. They work okay for baby mash and snack pots, and they're affordable so it isn't as big a deal if they get lost (if you have a kiddo who loses things often.) But the lid is a pain to get on all the way. For me, anyhow.
Z got a Kinderville Bigger Bites storage pot (I mix and match the lids.)

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Wednesday, 3/26/14
Brach's Natural Gummi Candy, Kettle Corn PopChips
I had packed some of the natural gummies in a Bumkins snack bag the night before, per a special request by Z. I didn't have time to pack a snack that morning, so just grabbed a bag of PopChips to go with. Not the healthiest snack ever, but the snack parents usually send a fresh fruit or veggie, so I really only need to worry about a suitable "crunchie."

Thursday, 4/10/14 - Sister Snacks
GF Schar Cheese Bites, organic carrots and apples
Both girls got to go to a day camp at My Gym during Spring Break, so they got matching snacks! Z got the box on the left (a Disney Store exclusive, no longer available) and E got the Monsters U sandwich box. She's really into those characters! She even picked little boy "big girl panties" because some of them had these Pixar characters on them!

Friday, 4/11/14
GF cheese Qwackers, GoGoSqueeze, water (for Z)
For our final weekday of Spring Break both girls had day camp, but this time they had them separately! Z went to a camp at Little Gym (I LOVE Little Gym!) while E went to the same gym as the day before. My Gym is a bit overwhelming for my big sensory girl, and she had a hard time the day before letting Little Sis play without her (I had to pick her up early due to a meltdown.) Ironically, while E does better with Big Sis around, Z does worse. And with the louder music and constantly shifting activities, Z can only handle one session a week (or less!) at My Gym. But E thrives there.

So though it meant that I only ended up with two hours to myself (E had camp from 1-4 and Z went from 2-5,) splitting them up was the best plan. They still got (pretty much) the same snacks though!

Tuesday, 4/15/14
Tings, organic apples and carrots
A quick Kindergarten snack packed in a snack bag made by a WAHM and some reusable dye-free food-based Eco Eggs!

Sister Snacks
GF Schar Cheese Bites, Enjoy Life Brownie Bites, organic apples (for E)
Usually Z gets the bigger snack, but E had been sick and wasn't eating much, so I packed a little extra in hopes that she might eat something healthy. Newp. But she wasn't too sick to go to childcare with her sister at the elementary school while I went to my Tuesday night class for parents.

Z got the snack in the little box on the right, and E got her favorite Monsters U sandwich box.

Thursday, 4/17/14
GF Schar Cheese Bites, Motts's Medley fruit snacks, 1/2 organic banana
E was sick all week, and had woken up freakishly early this day, so I had plenty of time to pack a "real" snack for Z while Dadda took her to the pediatrician (she got extra sick that morning.) But still I copped out and just threw something together. I was tired!

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