Friday, April 18, 2014

Super Simple Spring Lunches

Wednesday, 4/16/14 - Day 4 with a sick clingy toddler, and I was almost desperate enough to just go get Taco Time fast food to deliver to school! So I was truly just "phoning it in" for these lunches!

Kindergarten Lunch
Leftover polenta w/dairy-free butter and salt, Naturebox Dark Cocoa Almonds, organic carrots

I had some cooked polenta left over from dinner a few nights earlier and it had solidified in the container. So I sliced a few thin slabs, extracted them with a highly skilled technique (tipped the whole blob out of the container into my hand and eased the loose slabs down onto the cutting board...) and used a flower veggie cutter to make them more interesting. (Scraps went back in with the leftovers. Hubby will eat them!) I added some non-dairy butter and salt and heated them up enough for the butter to melt and make them all nommy. Z calls this "Butter Corn" and loved it when we had it for dinner.
I stuck some flower picks in with the Naturebox chocolate-covered almonds (the rest of the bag didn't survive the day...) Not your standard protein option, but the sugar content was decent, and I knew she'd eat them!
To finish off the flower theme, I used a mini flower veggie cutter on a carrot and put the coins in a silicone flower cup. Plus a purple bunny cupcake ring to make it Easter-y!

Sicky Toddler Lunch
Leftover rice blend with organic hemp hearts and salt, organic carrots and apples
I (correctly) assumed that E wouldn't eat much, so I packed simple. Brown (with a little Jasmine) rice blend for the grains, and a Tbsp of hemp hearts for protein. Plus salt, to make it yummy! Carrots for veggies and apples for fruit, which I ended up eating as a midnight snack! The Santa spoon is just the first one I happened to grab. It's from Target.

Tools of the Trade
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