Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Impossible Astronaut Day

April 23, 2011 was the air-date of the Doctor Who episode Impossible Astronaut, and is known in geek-dom as Impossible Astronaut Day.

GF PB sandwich, organic fair trade dark chocolate, organic carrots, strawberry, and raspberries
Cowboy Hats are Cool: I cut some gluten-free bread using my Eleven cookie cutter from Warpzone Prints and caaarefully added some peanut butter. Gluten-free bread is very brittle! I added a bow tie pick to help hold it together. Plus, bow ties are cool! I used a cowboy hat candy mold to make a chocolate version of the hat that The Doctor sports in this episode.

The Silence: I cut a carrot into matchsticks and laid them out like the tally marks the characters draw on themselves whenever they see a member of The Silence. And put some extras on the side! I didn't really care if they got all jumbled up in transit, so I didn't bother "gluing" them down with Ranch or peanut butter or whatever.

TARDIS: I got the home-made TARDIS baran idea from Chaos and Confections. I made it out of part of a blue silicone baking mat. (You can probably figure out how it was done, or check out how I made it here.) The TARDIS looks just right under the carrot tally marks!

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  1. This is so cool, the chocolate cowboy hat is awesome! Also love the homemade baran idea, will have to try that!
    Thank you for linking up at #FunFoodFriday!


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