Friday, April 11, 2014

Simple Spring Lunches

I love the colors and simple details that make these unconventional lunches so visually appealing.

Monday, 3/10/14 - Nuts to Popcorn!
Z's lunch: organic popcorn; organic strawberries, carrots, and raspberry; Naturebox Lemon Pucker Pistachios
I think we had a temporary bread shortage this week. Instead of a sandwich, I chose popcorn as her whole grains, and some Naturebox Lemon Pucker Pistachios for protein.
To fancy it up, I stuck a flower pick in the strawberries (in a butterfly cup available only at Christmas Tree Stores, as far as I can tell, although you can sometimes find them on eBay.) I put her baby carrots in a flower-shaped cup and stuck a raspberry on top of the middle one to make them look more flower-y.

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E's lunch: organic popcorn, GF crackers w/organic PB; organic strawberries, carrots, and mushroom
I didn't want the internet trolls hassling me to worry about E choking on nuts, so she got PB Cracker Stackers instead. And a mushroom. She chose it herself from the farm store and was very excited about it.

Tuesday, 3/11/14 - Applesauce and Cracker Stackers
Z's lunch: organic applesauce, GF crackers, organic carrots and peas, goat milk cheddar
I put some organic applesauce in a Squooshi reusable pouch because I needed to get the last of the applesauce out of the fridge to make room!

I made cheese Cracker Stackers with some gluten-free Saltine-type crackers and a goat milk cheddar cut with a flower veggie cutter.

Z's lunch: organic carrots and peas, goat milk cheddar, organic applesauce, GF crackers
I couldn't find a second clean Squooshi pouch quickly, so grabbed a SquishySnakPak for E's applesauce. She got broken crackers because she just eats them separately anyway, while Big Sis prefers to stack them with the cheese. Gluten-free crackers tend to come with a lot of broken ones...

Thursday, 3/13/14 - Eggs and Rice
Z's lunch: dye-free jelly beans, organic peas, organic raspberries w/Enjoy Life dark chocolate chips,
organic HB egg, leftover organic brown rice w/quinoa
I fancied up this lunch with some colorful flower picks. And Z loves when I make her raspberries look more flower-y by stuffing them with chocolate chips. I buy Enjoy Life brand because they're not only free from the Top 8 Allergens and gluten, they're also GMO-free and free from all artificial and petroleum-derived ingredients. Mmm, yummy!

The dye-free jelly beans were on post-Valentines clearance from I love stocking up on seasonal petroleum-free candies from them throughout the year!

E's lunch: organic grapes, broccoli, and tomatoes; organic HB egg, leftover organic brown rice w/quinoa
I changed up the fruits and veggies, and skipped the candy for the toddler, but both girls had the same protein (egg) and grain (brown rice and quinoa.)

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