Friday, April 25, 2014

Making Leftovers Fun!

Lotsa leftovers for my girls!

Tuesday, 3/18/14 - Dinner, Actually
Z's dinner: Uncured deli ham, steamed carrots w/DF butter and brown sugar, organic brown rice
For a short while, Z had a gym class right before my weekly meeting at her school to help parents increase study habits and self confidence in their kids. So we needed simple packed dinners to eat in between.

I skewered strips of rolled deli ham on long heart picks to make them fun, not that Z needs incentive to eat ham. She loves it! Especially now that I don't buy it very often. We eat a mostly plant-based diet lately.

The rice and carrots were left over from a previous meal and just re-heated before we left for gym class. They snacked a little on the way there, then ate more after class. My insulated bag kept them a little warm, but not hot, through gym class.

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E's dinner: Uncured deli ham, organic grapes, steamed carrots w/DF butter and brown sugar, organic brown rice
Little Sis got pretty much the same lunch as Big Sis, only some de-seeded grapes instead of extra ham.

Wednesday, 3/19/14
Z's lunch: Leftover GF/DF mac and cheese w/vegetarian bacon bits, organic sugar snap peas and blueberries
I had some leftover store-bought gluten- and dairy-free macaroni and cheese, which the girls don't really like anymore, now that they're used to my home-made squash-based sauce. Which sucks, since it was nice having a lazy option available! So I decided to try and make it more enticing with some vegetarian bacon bits, which the girls love.
Z's macaroni went into a silicone gingerbread man cup, and I added a bow pick in her "hair" to make her a girl (since Z prefers that kind of thing) and a pink bunny pick, like she's holding a stuffed animal. Also something close to my little girl's heart! (I'm constantly catching her trying to smuggle a stuffie into school!)

E's lunch: GF/DF mac and cheese w/veggie bacon bits; organic sugar snap peas, watermelon radish, and blueberries
I used a jumbo silicone star cup for E, and gave her a slice of my watermelon radish to try. They're really spicy, but sometimes she likes that. She did not like it here, however.

Tuesday, 3/25/14
E's lunch: GF Glutino Multigrain crackers,  organic snow peas and apples, leftover rotisserie chicken
I had made an anti-bullying lunch for Big Sis, and threw together this similar lunch for the toddler.

Tools of the Trade
 stacked hearts picks    

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