Monday, April 28, 2014

Mini Vegetarian Octo-Dogs!

I despise hot dogs. I always have. I hate the smell. I hate the taste. And I hate the nasty ingredients. But my girls both love them. Blarg. Luckily (unlike my husband and I) they also like the gluten-free vegetarian SmartDogs! These make a quick and easy lunch option, with much better ingredients than the meaty version!

I'd Like To Be Under the Sea...
Z's lunch: SmartDog w/ketchup and GF bun, organic kale chips, organic apples
For both girls I cut the veggie dogs first, then cooked them as directed (boiled in the microwave.) With regular hot dogs, the cooking curls the "legs" and emphasizes any features cut into the dogs. Sadly, this is not the case with veggie dogs. *sigh*

...In an Octopus' Garden With You!
E's lunch: Organic apples, snow peas, tomatoes; SmartDog w/ketchup and GF bun
Since there wasn't a lot of room for adding containers of ketchup, I opted to put the ketchup on the buns, even though it makes the whole thing less attractive. On the plus side, it helped hold the legs in place to give the octo-dogs a more "active" look! Win!

Tools of the Trade
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