Tuesday, April 29, 2014

National Pretzel Day-ish

Monday, 4/28/14 - The night before, I had mis-read somewhere that this day was National Pretzel Day, so I got all excited and made simple pretzel-y lunches and snack for my girls. Then I went and looked online and saw I had just missed it by a few days. Doh! Oh well. They were thrilled with their lunches anyway!

Kindergarten Snackerel
GF pretzel sticks, Udi's Ancient Grains Crisps, organic strawberries
Z's morning Kindergarten has a class snack, and lately the other snack parents have been sending Z-safe snacks, so I've been lax about packing one every day. But I made sure to pack some pretzels!

Pretzel-y Lunch for Big Sis
PB sandwich on GF Ener-G pretzel bread, GF pretzel sticks, organic carrots and grapes
I found this "pretzel bread" at a local gluten-free market up near Nana's house when I overheard another customer raving about it. So it was the perfect sandwich choice for what I thought was Pretzel Day!

I didn't want to cut the sandwich into a fancy shape because the crust is covered with pretzel crumbs. It's the best part!

Pretzels for Little Sis
1/2 PB sandwich on GF Ener-G pretzel bread, GF pretzel sticks; organic carrots, tomatoes, and strawberries
Little Sis got a half-sandwich, and a few strawberries on their last legs. Plus little tomatoes. She loves little tomatoes!

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