Saturday, April 19, 2014

Simple Easter Lunch!

Thursday, 4/17/14 - Only a few pre-Easter lunch days left, and I was on Day 5 of having a sick toddler who was needier and moodier and was incapable of sleeping longer than an hour at a time. So I didn't make anything too fancy. At this point, my kids were lucky I was coherent enough to feed them at all!

Kinder-bunny Lunch
Leftover organic brown rice w/hemp hearts and lime miso, Brad's Raw Pina Colada kale chips, organic carrots
I put some leftover rice in a jumbo muffin cup because it reaches up flush with the lid of the EasyLunchboxes, so the rice shouldn't fall out, at least on the way to lunch (she carries the lunch horizontal, with a normal amount of jostling for a 5-year-old.) After heating up the rice a little, I was able to get the lime miso to melt and blend in. It's crazy good. It was left over from dinner, and was crazy awesome delicious, and a big hit with my little girls! I also added some hemp hearts for protein. And stuck in a bunny pick for fun.

I used an Easter egg ring to hold the Easter-y cloth napkin. I still had some carrot coins cut with a small flower veggie cutter and put them in a silicone flower cup to finish it off.

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Tot-bot Lunch
Freeze dried strawberries, GF crackers w/PB, organic carrots
E had hardly eaten anything all week, so I packed a tiny lunch with some options she was more likely to actually eat. And I was right. She nommed down the dried strawberries and even ate half of a cracker-wich.

Tools of the Trade
  Food Decorating Pick Puffy Ring Bunny Egg Butterfly  

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