Saturday, December 28, 2013

The Loving Tree

I got a cutter set from the UK (via eBay) with trees and house parts and such, and thought that making a cute tree lunch would be fun. I was going to make mini birds, but I couldn't find the cutter. The mini hearts worked out well though. And I remembered to include a heart in her lunch. Yay!

The Loving Tree
GF PBJ w/strawberries, GF lemon cookie, organic sugar snap peas and golden and red raspberries

I made the sandwich with a tree cookie cutter (mine came in a set from the UK,) and decorated it with strawberry slices cut with a tiny heart cutter.
I put a little bush-shaped cookie on some silicone grass baran to make it more garden-y. The peas are like grass, and the raspberries are like flowers. Or that's what I told Z, at least, when she asked how they fit with the theme. Picky picky.

Tools of the Trade

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