Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simple and Fun Classroom Snacks

This year's class at the private Kindergarten is a small one, leaving leftover snack weeks after each parent signed up for their two. So I volunteered for an extra. Z gets to eat what everyone else is having, and she gets to be "snack helper" and force her "true love" to sit next to her (snack helper gets to assign the seating arrangements.) Bonus!

Tuesday, 11/12/13 through Thursday, 11/15/13

Organic pink lemonade
Organic raspberries
Angie's Cinnamon Sugar Popcorn - normally I'd use a large bag, to reduce waste. But these individual baggies were on clearance after Halloween, so I stocked up.

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Smartfood White Cheddar popcorn
Mott's Medleys fruit snacks
Organic carrots
Pomegranate-lime juice

Organic strawberries
Organic fruit leather
Sweet potato chips

TJ's version of Pirate's Booty
Small organic green apples
My Fruity Faces edible "stickers" 
Z was very excited when we found organic green apples, as they're her favorite, and she wanted to share them with the class. Since we were sending whole fruit, it was the perfect opportunity to share some My Fruity Faces, and end the week with something fun!

No juice was needed the last two days because there was enough left from Monday and Tuesday's, and the teacher saved them in the fridge. But Z had chosen an organic regular lemonade and a green tea lemonade as drinks for the other two days.

And check out my other fun classroom snacks:

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