Thursday, December 5, 2013

Something's Bugging Me...

I've been looking for the perfect excuse to use our SugarBooger "Icky Bugs" bento box (available on Amazon and at AllThingsForSale) and whipped up a quick and easy bug-themed lunch thanks to some "pick-ography!"

My Big Bug
Organic apples, dye-free gummy worm, organic green beans, olives,
GF Dark Chocolate Dreams sandwich, vegan Ranch kale chips
Wednesday, 9/25/13 - I wasn't in the mood to dig out my tiny bug-shaped cutters, so pounced on a larger mushroom cookie cutter, and stuck a grasshopper cupcake pick in the top, to look like he's sitting there. (The ones I have are discontinued. The ladybug cupcake toppers are too. Sorry.)

For both sandwiches I wanted a chocolate filling, since it feels more earthy. I chose Peanut Butter and Co Dark Chocolate Dreams; we don't do Nutella here. Nutella has artificial vanillin flavoring, a wood-pulp manufacturing byproduct. Yum. Plus Z has neurological reactions to it. No thanks.

The gummy worm is from Surf Sweets - no fake colors or flavors, no animal gelatin, made with organic sweeteners, and made in a facility free from the Top 8 Allergens (and gluten,) so safe for most classroom allergies!

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Littlest Bug
Organic apples, organic green beans, GF Dark Chocolate Dreams open-face sandwich
I gave her a butterfly cupcake ring to change things up. Plus they're fun for little fingers to play with!

Since E tends to not eat the bread unless I cut it really small (and even then it's still hit-or-miss,) I opted not to waste a slice and just made her sandwich open-face, and then added some dye-free India Tree Nature's Colors green jimmies "grass" at the bottom. She was ecstatic. "Muh! Muh! Spinks! Muh!" (More more sprinkles, more.)

E didn't get a gummy worm in her lunch because she ate hers while I was packing the lunches. Punk.

Organic strawberries, dried seaweed snack
10/1/13 - Since I had these adorable bug-shaped snack pots sent from the UK by my friend from Eats Amazing, a bug-themed snack was in order! Just a simple one, with a cute little bee pick added in.

Tools of the Trade
       Good Lunch Box 3 Compartment Divided Lunch Container Multi-Purpose Bento Lunch Tote Insulated Bag Icky Bugs 

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